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On the Road: Minnesota’s Wacky Outdoor Art

Oversize and offbeat art—Paul Bunyan’s girlfriend to the “world’s largest ball of twine”

Minnesota bills itself as “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.” But it’s also home to dozens of “the world’s largest” statues, sculptures and other offbeat attractions—collectively known as Roadside Art. Read More

Iguassu Falls, a South American Treasure

World-class falls, and a quick trip from Rio, Sao Paolo and Buenos Aires

Three waterfalls in this universe are considered world-class: Niagara, Victoria and Iguassu. The first two, of course, are also world-famous, but the third is unknown to many people—even those who saw the 1986 Hollywood film, “The Mission,” which starred Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons and which was partially filmed at Iguassu. “Quite simply,” state the authors of one guidebook,"these are the world’s most dramatic waterfalls." Read More

The Everglades, Naturally

No airboats, alligator-wrestling or schlock

Many people think of Florida’s Everglades —if they’re familiar with this unique global ecosystem at all—as swamps and schlock, airboat rides and alligator-wrestling, but it’s an incredible natural wonder, filled with hiking paths, kayak trails, rare and uncommon wildlife such as wood storks, at least one crocodile, tons of alligators and great blue herons. Read More